Posted in July 2012

Growing and Cooking

Ok, last for the day (gotta take advantage of the husband-free time on the computer). I realized that I have also been doing a lot of growing things and cooking things. I haven’t posted about either. So here is the documentation of that portion of my life (I in fact do other things than just … Continue reading

Another type of fizzy drink

I completely forgot to mention my newest (meaning in the last 3 hours) invention. Flavored fizzy water. Ok, not really much of an invention, but it’s new to me. I hate the concept of wasting things, so I pretty much save the leftovers from every canning project. I just ate a jar of ollalieberries canned … Continue reading

Peach Saison

My most recent creating projects have been bottling my Vernal Equinox Part Deux and brewing the Peach Saison. Right now it’s really just a Saison, the peaches will be added in the secondary fermentation bucket. Making the VE2 was extremely fun. I was able to go out into my garden, pick some sage, lemon balm, … Continue reading

Vernal Equinox Part Deux

July 13th I made the second version of my herb beer labeled Vernal Equinox (I bottled on the first day of spring last year). It is brewed with one ounce of hops, half ounce of sage, half ounce of lemon balm, 2 lemons zested and juiced. It fermented for 9 days. Today I transferred it … Continue reading

Kitchen battle wounds

This is the kind of day that is spent not getting out of pajamas, napping all day and attempting to do laundry. Also season 4 of Breaking Bad is on Netflix so indeed to catch up quickly so I can start on season 5. But a girl does need to eat so I wandered into … Continue reading

I have a dream

I have this crazy dream that someday I will open my own brewery. I am completely inexperienced with brewing (though that doesn’t stop me from planning a peach saison for next week). I have no money or the desire to take out loans. I have no business knowledge. But I have found that I love … Continue reading

Hobo Stew

So while I was gone camping, I did miss the canning business a bit, however I did get to do a bit of culinary fun. We camped in Kirk Creek campground down in Big Sur, which was absolutely beautiful (and allowed dogs!). It was kind of awesome to pack food for this trip because we … Continue reading

Orange Curd and Ginger Beer

I found myself with a few hours with “nothing” to do. I really didn’t want to fall into the trap that I seem to fall into when I have obsessions, that is do them when I am bored. It was easy when it was TV shows (just finished being obsessed with Lost… silly ending), but … Continue reading

This evening’s project(s)

So in between creating this blog and making a complete mess on the carpet in the office, I actually did some canning and creating projects. The first was yogurt! (believe it or not, it took me four tries to spell that correctly… just one of those words I can’t spell) Super easy – I got … Continue reading

Blogging for Real

My husband keeps trying to convince me to write a blog about all my “adventures”. I finally have 2 weeks off from work and a free afternoon, so I get up the courage to come onto the internet and find a blog page to start. I went to wordpress to begin my blog, and lo … Continue reading