Kitchen battle wounds

This is the kind of day that is spent not getting out of pajamas, napping all day and attempting to do laundry. Also season 4 of Breaking Bad is on Netflix so indeed to catch up quickly so I can start on season 5. But a girl does need to eat so I wandered into the kitchen to find something of value. I found some eggs, a tortilla and an onion and thought caramelized onions might tase yummy. So out comes the knife and there goes the tip of my left thumb. I am pretty damn proud of my not fainting as I ran my hand under the cold water in the kitchen then attempting to put band aids on it. I am honestly still a little concerned that this might need stitches, but I am hungry and wanted my damn carmaelized onions so I went back and kept chopping and cooking. The house is filling with the smells of onions as we speak, but I should probably slap some deodorant on in case I need to drive myself to the ER. Yikes.


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