Vernal Equinox Part Deux

July 13th I made the second version of my herb beer labeled Vernal Equinox (I bottled on the first day of spring last year). It is brewed with one ounce of hops, half ounce of sage, half ounce of lemon balm, 2 lemons zested and juiced. It fermented for 9 days. Today I transferred it to the secondary fermenter and dry “hopped” it with quarter ounce of lavender buds and a 6 inch sprig of rosemary. I am hoping it will all settle and clarify and get all deliciously herbaceous . I am planning on entering it into the organic home brew competition sponsored by Seven Bridges. So I thought it needed a cool name and just figured I would add on the “part deux” to its original name. I think it makes what some have called a “girly” beer a little more solid.

I have tried some gruits recently (beers made with herbs, no hops) and there have been some hearty ones. I think that would be a cool direction to go to experiment. This entry is less a practice in food writing and more a documentation of my projects.


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