Another type of fizzy drink

I completely forgot to mention my newest (meaning in the last 3 hours) invention. Flavored fizzy water. Ok, not really much of an invention, but it’s new to me. I hate the concept of wasting things, so I pretty much save the leftovers from every canning project. I just ate a jar of ollalieberries canned in light syrup but of course there was lots of leftover syrup. So I added it to a glass of ice and sparkling water and voila! Flavored fizzy water. It was a delicious drink and even a few morsels of berry still in there.

Also hiding in the back of my fridge is the chai syrup that I have leftover from the peaches in chai syrup that I canned a few weeks ago. I’ve already tried adding this to black tea and it makes a delicious tea drink. So today I tried adding it to more of that bottle of sparkling water and the results are a delicious beverage that tastes like my favorite tea. I recently tried a chai cola and it was very similar to this, only obviously more cola flavored. But this is way cheaper! Now I just need to get myself one of those bubbly water makers and it’s entirely free (pretty much).


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