Peach Saison

My most recent creating projects have been bottling my Vernal Equinox Part Deux and brewing the Peach Saison. Right now it’s really just a Saison, the peaches will be added in the secondary fermentation bucket.

Making the VE2 was extremely fun. I was able to go out into my garden, pick some sage, lemon balm, lavender and rosemary and stick it in a beer. It came out with a beautiful color, and hopefully when it carbonates and mellows a bit it will be deliciously herbaceous. I remember from last time that it tasted very much like flowers or soap at first, but after a few months it mellowed dramatically. Since I added more hops and reduced the lavender, hopefully it won’t have that quality.Either way, I loved the concept of taking a previous recipe and tweaking it to result in something better.

Next came the brewing process for the peach saison. I decided to put the peaches in the secondary, which made it nice for me to be able to brew. Brandon is picking some peaches from my mom’s peach tree. I will be making her some peach butter and canned peaches, however if there’s enough left I will puree them and add them to the secondary fermenter. Not sure how much yet. Some recipes say 2 pounds, some say 8, and some are anywhere in there. I’ve got a week or so to decide. If there’s not enough peaches I’ll just go to the farmer’s market and get the soft peaches. Luckily this beer is all organic/organically homegrown so I can get it into the home brew competition.

Brewing was rough because I forgot that partial mash recipes take a lot longer than all extract. And I started at 8:00 at night. Yeah, good call. But I did get to bed by midnight so I call that a win. I made it from the saison kit the Seven Bridges sells, but am going to add in a bit of cinnamon and peach to the secondary to make it my own. This contained a few kinds of malts, oatmeal flakes, 3 kinds of hops and 5 pounds of dry malt extract. After taking it off the heat and sticking it into the primary it really only resulted in 3 gallons of wort and the gravity was a whopping 90. I diluted it to 5 gallons and the gravity dropped down to 58, right where it needs to be. Now it’s bubbling away. I wish I could have used the glass carboy, but decided to use the plastic instead. Looking back it would have been fine because it didn’t result in that much wort, but that’s okay. I will need to use the plastic fermenter for the secondary due to all the stuff that’s going into it.

I wish there could be a wide mouthed glass carboy with a spigot. that would be awesome. I just love watching the beer through the glass, you get to see so much more of the process and what happens when yeast eats sugar. Maybe I will invent it. Probably not.

On another beer related note, I tasted the ginger brew and it is AMAZING. I think I’m going to go make a small batch of this to be organic so I can enter it in the competition. Just a half batch, 2 gallons, 20 bottles. That will be interesting to see how it goes to use the same recipe just literally cut it in half. I may end up entering three different beers into this competition. Who knew that I would get here. I also just found out that the Santa Cruz County Fair has a home brew competition that I could enter. I think I’ll do that too.


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