Posted in August 2012

The healing effect of fig jam

I have been somewhat disconnected lately. My days are long, lacking of lunch breaks and filled with 3 different people trying to have 3 different conversations with me at the same time (all seeming to need me for some sort of task or information). In other words when I come home I am tired. I … Continue reading

Projects + Danie = Happy Steph

I had the pleasure of spending this weekend with Danie (with a sort of conclusion that she is the best of many Danie/Danny’s in my life, room to love everyone however). Last night we went to Sante Adairius and drank delicious beer, also filled up our growlers (which I just realized that she left hers … Continue reading


It’s better if you had the tune of this in your head (think dun da da dun, da dada da dun!… if that makes it better). Whatever. It’s plums. That’s what I’ve got. 10 whopping pounds of plums. I’ve only really worked my way through half. My mom is a wonderful, giving and apparently co-dependent … Continue reading

Peachy Keen

This is the title of my peach saison. It has been formally turned into peach saison today when I added the 5 pounds of pureed peaches to the secondary bucket then transferred (I have learned that this is called “racked”) the beer from the primary to the secondary. It smelled delicious. After this ferments for … Continue reading

Pickled Nasturtium Seeds

So I have these beautiful nasturtium flowers wandering around my yard dropping seeds left and right. I planted some so that they can keep coming back, but the rest of the seeds I collected and decided to do something productive with them (as if planting them isn’t productive enough). So I pickled them. Oh yes, … Continue reading