Pickled Nasturtium Seeds

So I have these beautiful nasturtium flowers wandering around my yard dropping seeds left and right. I planted some so that they can keep coming back, but the rest of the seeds I collected and decided to do something productive with them (as if planting them isn’t productive enough). So I pickled them. Oh yes, pickled. They are currently sitting in a tasty bath of apple cider vinegar, bay leaves and thyme. In 3 days they will be ready to pop onto salads or eat like olives for an appetizer. I got the recipe from The Splendid Table radio program’s website (awesome show, listen sometime).

My 16 pounds of peaches that were just gifted to me on Sunday are softening up, so I might go ahead and peel and puree the 5 pounds that I will need for the saison. Ahh, evenings home alone.


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