Peachy Keen

This is the title of my peach saison. It has been formally turned into peach saison today when I added the 5 pounds of pureed peaches to the secondary bucket then transferred (I have learned that this is called “racked”) the beer from the primary to the secondary. It smelled delicious. After this ferments for about a week, I’ll transfer it again to the 3rd fermentation (don’t know exactly what this would be called) to clarify once more before bottling it. This all took about 30 minutes from pulling out the equipment to cleaning and drying it off to put it away. I like little projects like these.

The best weekend project was yesterday’s peach party with mom. She brought me a GIANT box of peaches (2nd box so far) and we processed all the ready ones. This was probably a good 10 pounds of peaches. We made peach jam, canned peaches, peach butter and ate enough fresh peach slices for a meal. Mom did the hard part of peeling and slicing all these peaches to which I am very grateful.

16 pound box of peaches – the first of 2 boxes

Thank you mom for peeling all those beautiful fruits

While she peeled, I heated, stirred, prepared, boiled and monitored everything happening on the stove. She told me that there are a few more box loads to bring still as well as a new vacancy (she is a property manager) with a plum tree that’s dripping with fresh plums ready to be eaten and processed. I said YES as she offered to take another trip over the hill and bring me more fruit. I have a serious canning addiction which will serve me well in the winter, not just to have fresh fruit but for Christmas, birthday and just because presents for people.

A sample of yesterday’s products – canned peaches in light syrup, peach jam and peach butter (cute tiny jars!) as well as some yogurt for the week.

I have gone peach crazy and am completely in love with them. I even put some canned peaches in chai syrup in our Sunday morning pancakes. With all this canning and processing of peaches, one would think there are no fresh ones. On the contrary we have each been able to eat at least 2 fresh peaches per day. I’ve been enjoying mine in morning breakfast smoothies with bananas, berries and yogurt.

And just for fun, I will wrap up with my faithful kitchen floor cleaning assistant.

Thank you Brie, I didn’t need to clean any peach gunk off the floor.


One thought on “Peachy Keen

  1. Steph, try dropping the peaches into boiling water and then into an ice bath. The skins just slide off! We did probably 50 lbs that way two years ago.

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