The healing effect of fig jam

I have been somewhat disconnected lately. My days are long, lacking of lunch breaks and filled with 3 different people trying to have 3 different conversations with me at the same time (all seeming to need me for some sort of task or information). In other words when I come home I am tired. I have a very loving husband who misses my mental company when I space out in front of the TV. I have been learning to care for myself though and am beginning to recognize when I need space and time to repair. The last two days have been tough at work so I have been extra spacey at home. There however, have been a few types of food sitting around my kitchen that needed my attention. So while my poor loving husband needs my attention too, he isn’t going to mold if I don’t give it to him right away.

I started with pickles. Two jars of garlic dill pickles last night made my pantry that much more full for the winter. I even got to sit down with the loving husband for a while afterwards because pickles don’t take that long.

The real fun and beauty was tonight. Due to a variety of reasons I stayed quite late at work and guiltily consumed 2 baggies of Doritos for dinner. Wow. I got home around 7 and knew that I had a large bucket of figs to process that Brandon’s mom gave us from her tree. They were getting soft and squishy and needed to be addressed. I had asked Brandon to go get some half pint jars from ACE today along with a faucet repair kit for our hose but even the most well meaning of husbands forget things. When I asked him about it and when he saw the weary look on my face he immediately offered to run out to get some while I started chopping the figs. Now that’s love.

So to tie in with my learning to repair myself, as weary as I was, it needed to get done and it is something that repairs me. Something about chopping, mixing and cooking is healing. I healed myself right on into an extremely delicious fig jam. This will be shared with the mom of course, they are her figs. It produced 12 half pint jars, all of the ones Brandon purchased in addition to filling up most of a pint jar for us to just keep in the fridge.

This made me feel accomplished which is something I have not felt at work these last few weeks. It’s nice to get that from somewhere. So now I am here, in bed with my iPad, hunting and pecking this blog out, getting irritated with the auto correct function and watching loving husband sleep next to me (jerk… I’m not nearly tired and I need to be up in 8 hours). I will add pictures soon and I will also post some information about this awesome trading swap thing I went to on Sunday.  But for now, good night and good luck.


One thought on “The healing effect of fig jam

  1. Our jobs are super draining, I’m glad you’ve found something that helps you feel better! Sorry we didn’t really get to see each other much when I was on town…hope things get better at school!

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