Posted in November 2012

While Pumpkin Ice Cream Freezes…

So at the moment, I have a batch of pumpkin ice cream freezing/churning in our ice cream maker. My brilliant husband came up with the idea after I inadvertently made “pumpkin pudding” – in other words, I made a pumpkin pie and there was way too much filling, so I stuck the rest in the … Continue reading

Thanksgiving (pie, obviously included)

Oh, where to begin. With thanks, I suppose. There are so many things/people/ideas in my life that I am thankful for. I am thankful for my sense of creativity and my drive. I am thankful for my husband/partner/friend who I can trust with anything. I am thankful (believe it or not) for my pants being … Continue reading

Wheat Beer

Wheat Beer (Brandon) Ingredients: 6# DME of wheat from fermentation solutions 1 oz German Hallertaur Mittlefruch 4.7%AAU 1 oz German Hallertaur Tradition 6.3% AAU ½ tsp Irish moss Wyeast Weihenstephan #3068 yeast   Method: Add ½ oz GHM hops at beginning of 2nd boil Add ½ oz GHT, ¼ oz GHM and Irish Moss at … Continue reading

Wheat Beer #2

Wheat Beer #2 (Brandon) Ingredients: 6# Dry Wheat Extract 2# Pale Malt grains 2 oz Tettinger hops   Method: At boil add in 3# extract and 2# pale malt grain liquid and 1 oz hops Add ½ oz hops at 40 minutes Add ½ oz hops and remaining 3# extract at 60 minutes (end of … Continue reading

Vernal Equinox

Vernal Equinox (Steph) Ingredients: 6# Briess Pale LME ½ oz fresh sage ½ oz fresh lemon balm ½ oz (approximate) stick of rosemary ½ oz dried lavender buds Zest of 2 medium lemons ½ oz New Zealand Saaz hops White Labs California Ale Yeast   Method: At first boil add LME At 2nd boil add … Continue reading

Vernal Equinox Part Deux

Vernal Equinox Part Deux (Steph) Ingredients: 5# DME 1 oz German Perle hops ½ oz fresh sage ½ oz lemon balm Juice, zest (strips) and rind of 2 large Eureka lemons (about ½ cup juice) ½ oz dried lavender buds 1 medium (about 6-8 inch) sprig of rosemary Wyeast 1056 American Ale yeast   At … Continue reading

Scotch Ale with Rye

Scotch Ale with Rye (Brandon) Ingredients: 2# flaked rye 1# Briess Caramel 60L 2 oz Kent Goldings AAU7% Wyeast Scottish Ale Yeast 1 cup light brown sugar   Method: Steep rye for 1 hour Steep caramel for 30 minutes Add 1 oz hops at beginning of boil Add ½ oz hops at 20 minutes remaining … Continue reading

Pumpkin Ale

Pumpkin Ale (Steph for ingredients and Brandon for method) Ingredients: 6# DME 1# Great West Crystal 40L 1# flaked oats 3# cubed pumpkin 1 oz Belgian Fuggles 4/.6% AAU 2 sticks of cinnamon 1 tsp cloves Wyeast American Ale Yeast   Method: Bake pumpkin at 400% for 45 minutes Steep grains for 30 minutes Add … Continue reading

Peach Saison

Peach Saison (Steph) Ingredients: .5# Gambrinus Pilsner Malt 1.5# Gambrinus White Wheat Malt .5#Gambrinus Munich Malt .75# Oat Flakes 5# DME .75# Cane Sugar 1 oz German Hallertaur Tradition hops 1 oz German Spalt Select hops 1 oz German Saphir hops Wyeast #3711 French Saison yeast 5# Fresh Peaches (from mom’s tree) pureed with skins … Continue reading