Bedtime Brown

Bedtime Brown (Brandon)


½ # Briess Caramel 12L

4.5# extra light malt powder

2# unrefined sugar

½ oz German Saphir hops 3.8% AAU

1 oz German Hallertauer hops 3.8% AAU

Yeast (no type specified – assumed it is Wyeast American Ale)



Steep Briess Caramel at 170 degrees for 30 minutes

Add sparged liquid, sugar and malt powder at boil

At 2nd boil add ½ oz GS hops and ½ oz GH hops

At 30 minutes into boil add Irish moss and ½ oz GH


OG = 54 (4.75 gallons) on 8/2/10

FG = 12 on 8/10/12


** note: a package of yeast was added when the wort was too hot, around 110 degrees, so another package was added the following day at 7:00 pm when the wort failed to begin fermentation


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