Estate Hopped Ale – Standard Bitter

Estate Hopped Ale – Standard Bitter (Steph and Brandon)


4.35 oz fresh Cascade hops (grown in Haas garden)

5.5# DME

1# Western Crystal Malt 40L

Wyeast 1056 American Ale Yeast



At boil add DME and sparged water from crystal malt

At 2nd boil add 2 oz hops

At 15 minutes remaining add .85 oz hops

At 0 minutes add .5 oz hops

Move to secondary fermentation and dry hop with 1 oz hops


OG = 55 on 8/24/12

FG = 10 on 9/9/12


Made 5.25 gallons


** This beer won 3rd in its class (English Ale) in the National Organic Homebrew Challenge. We used fresh hops from the garden. Next time we need more hops because this was very lightly hopped and it could use more.


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