Ginger Brew

Ginger Brew (Steph)


3# grated and peeled ginger

2# (approximate) honey

2 lemons, zested in strips and juiced, rinds cut in half

1# unbleached cane sugar

1 oz fuggles hops

3# DME

White Labs CA Ale Yeast



Add DME at first boil

Add ½ oz hops at 2nd boil

At 30 minutes in add ¾ of the ginger, ¾ of the honey, all the sugar, the lemon juice and lemon rinds (ginger and lemon rinds in a grain bag, honey and sugar directly to boil)

At 40 minutes in add Irish Moss

At 50 minutes in add remaining ginger and lemon zest (to grain bag) and honey (directly to boil)

At 58 minutes add ½ oz hops


OG = 60 on 6/23/12

FG = 10 on 7/6/12


** this beer was delicious – a half batch was made to make it organic (all ingredients above were organic with the exception of the ginger – purchased in a Korean market in Santa Clara) to attempt to enter it into the National Organic Homebrew Challenge, but it did not turn out the same (meaning not good) – possibly due to the ginger being different (from Hawaii rather than Korea), to an increased ratio of ginger (possibly due to a different type of cutting/grating) or a variety of other reasons. Only make the full batch and weigh the ginger before peeling and grating it.


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