Peach Saison

Peach Saison (Steph)


.5# Gambrinus Pilsner Malt

1.5# Gambrinus White Wheat Malt

.5#Gambrinus Munich Malt

.75# Oat Flakes

5# DME

.75# Cane Sugar

1 oz German Hallertaur Tradition hops

1 oz German Spalt Select hops

1 oz German Saphir hops

Wyeast #3711 French Saison yeast

5# Fresh Peaches (from mom’s tree) pureed with skins on and frozen (defrosted for addition to beer)



Mash malts and oat flakes and sparge with 1 gallon of water

Boil and add DME and sugar

Return to boil add German HT hops

At 30 minutes in add German Spalt hops

At 50 minutes in add Saphir hops

Move to secondary 8/4/12 and added 5# Peaches

Move to 3rd fermentation 8/12/12

OG = 58 on 7/28/12

FG = 2 on 8/18/12


** When this beer opens it explodes pretty quickly, so we needed to pour it immediately into a cup. This beer was entered into the National Organic Homebrew Challenge and got terrible feedback. It was actually just the Saison Partial Mash kit from Seven Bridges with 5 pounds of mom’s peaches added in – feedback was recorded in notes from the competition. It is recommended to continue to ferment for longer, even if the airlock stops bubbling, this is why it foams so much, which causes the particles at the bottom of the bottle to mix into the beer resulting in an “off” flavor. I still loved this beer and enjoyed it quite a bit.


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