Scotch Ale with Rye

Scotch Ale with Rye (Brandon)


2# flaked rye

1# Briess Caramel 60L

2 oz Kent Goldings AAU7%

Wyeast Scottish Ale Yeast

1 cup light brown sugar



Steep rye for 1 hour

Steep caramel for 30 minutes

Add 1 oz hops at beginning of boil

Add ½ oz hops at 20 minutes remaining

Add ½ oz hops at 5 minutes remaining


OG = .073 on 4/10/11

FC = .019 on 4/22/11


*** Hand written notes do not specify when to add the light brown sugar – it is assumed that all the sugar is added in with the sparged liquid (rye and caramel) at the first boil


2 thoughts on “Scotch Ale with Rye

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