Vernal Equinox Part Deux

Vernal Equinox Part Deux (Steph)


5# DME

1 oz German Perle hops

½ oz fresh sage

½ oz lemon balm

Juice, zest (strips) and rind of 2 large Eureka lemons (about ½ cup juice)

½ oz dried lavender buds

1 medium (about 6-8 inch) sprig of rosemary

Wyeast 1056 American Ale yeast


At first boil add malt extract

At 2nd boil add all hops

At 15 minutes in add sage and lemon rind in a grain bag

At 45 minutes in add lemon zest to bag and melon juice to pot

At 55 minutes in add lemon balm to bag


Transfer to secondary fermentation when first fermentation finishes and add .20 oz lavender and 1 6 inch sprig of rosemary.


OG = 54 on 7/13/12

FG = 10 on 7/28/12


**this was much more smooth than the original vernal equinox, a little less lavender and a little more hops in addition to the DME rather than LME. This won first in its class (herb, spice, vegetable beer) at the National Organic Homebrew Challenge in 2012. All herbs were from the garden.


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