Posted in November 2012

Pale Ale

Pale Ale (Brandon) Ingredients: 1# 8-12L Weyermann Caramel 5# DME 1 oz American Cascade 7.5% (Bet 4.6%? – notation in handwritten notes unclear) 1 oz German Smaragd 8.5% 1 oz American Summit 15.1% American Ale Yeast Zest of 1 orange   Method: Add ¾ oz American Cascade at 0 minutes Add ¼ oz American Cascade … Continue reading

Ginger Brew

Ginger Brew (Steph) Ingredients: 3# grated and peeled ginger 2# (approximate) honey 2 lemons, zested in strips and juiced, rinds cut in half 1# unbleached cane sugar 1 oz fuggles hops 3# DME White Labs CA Ale Yeast   Method: Add DME at first boil Add ½ oz hops at 2nd boil At 30 minutes … Continue reading

Estate Hopped Ale – Standard Bitter

Estate Hopped Ale – Standard Bitter (Steph and Brandon) Ingredients: 4.35 oz fresh Cascade hops (grown in Haas garden) 5.5# DME 1# Western Crystal Malt 40L Wyeast 1056 American Ale Yeast   Method: At boil add DME and sparged water from crystal malt At 2nd boil add 2 oz hops At 15 minutes remaining add … Continue reading

Earl Grey Bitter

Earl Grey Bitter (Steph and Brandon) Ingredients: 5# DME 2# Crisp Pale Ale Malt 30L 1 oz Kent Goldings 7.0% AAU 1 oz American Palisades 4.6% AAU 1056 Wyeast American Ale 5 oz earl grey tea (loose leaf)   Method: ** no clear notes were made on timings of adding hops, notes specified ¾ oz … Continue reading

Creamy Pale Ale

Creamy Pale Ale (Brandon) Ingredients: 5# DME 1# Flaked Oats 1# Cara Pils 1-2L Wyeast 1056 American Ale Yeast 3 oz citra hops 13.4% AAU   Method: Steep grains at 158 degrees for 30 minutes Add to water and boil Add DME Add 1 oz hops at 0 minutes Add ½ oz hops at 30 … Continue reading

Brandon’s Bitter

Brandon’s Bitter (Brandon) Ingredients: 5# DME 1 oz Pilgrim 10 3%AAU 1 oz German Spelt Select 6.5% AAU Wyeast 1227 NW Ale yeast 1# 60L Crystal Malt   Method: Steep Crystal Malt at 160 degrees for 30 minutes Add DME and crystal malt liquid at the boil with ½ oz Pilgrim hops At 40 minutes … Continue reading

Bedtime Brown

Bedtime Brown (Brandon) Ingredients: ½ # Briess Caramel 12L 4.5# extra light malt powder 2# unrefined sugar ½ oz German Saphir hops 3.8% AAU 1 oz German Hallertauer hops 3.8% AAU Yeast (no type specified – assumed it is Wyeast American Ale)   Method: Steep Briess Caramel at 170 degrees for 30 minutes Add sparged … Continue reading

Basic Ale

Basic Ale (Brandon) Ingredients: 6# DME ½ # Great West Crystal Malt 15L 1 oz NZ Rakau hops California Ale Yeast (White Labs)   Method: (no note of sparging crystal malt, but it is assumed that it was steeped, sparged and added in with the DME at the beginning of the boil) Add DME and … Continue reading

Average Ale 2

Average Ale #2 (Brandon) Ingredients: 1# Great West Crystal Malt 6# DME ½ tsp Irish moss Wyeast American Ale Yeast 1 oz Pacific Gem hops 15.8% AAU 1 oz Whitbread Goldings hops 6.1% AAU   Method: At boil add DME (handwritten notes did not specify steeping and sparging malt, but it is assumed that it … Continue reading