Posted in February 2013

Beer grains

(sporadic topic blog post, nothing really solid…) It’s a beautiful day here in Santa Cruz. I really should be out in my garden. But I feel hesitant to plant anything for fear that bad puppy might go dig it up. Our yard is now a barricade. There are ugly wire fences all over the place … Continue reading



I am tired. I am sore. I am exhausted. I am drained. Today was long and difficult. I hurt my back again, and hopefully with enough stretching and heating, I can work it out by tomorrow. There aren’t enough bodies to do what needs to be done right now – mine can’t be broken. My … Continue reading


Sick day tribute to Smitten Kitchen

So I am home sick today which is a rare occurrence. I’ve been battling a cold and while normally my butt is kicked in the beginning of the cold, this time it caught up with me and I cannot speak today. So I’m going to take today, let my vocal chords rest, drink some tea … Continue reading