Posted in April 2013

Spring has sprung

Ahh, back to normal here (in so many more ways than one). It’s Sunday. I’m home alone. I just went out and worked in the yard for a while – that felt so good. My yard is finally looking like something that resembles a garden. I just love Spring. Everything is in bloom, the bees … Continue reading

Rescuing my mind

First off, I want to thank everyone who reached out for your loving words and support. I am blessed to have so many beautiful people in my life, you are all truly loving and compassionate people and I am there for you too. It’s comforting to know that there is such a support for me, … Continue reading

How I try to find the words

So what does being “self sufficient” really mean? It means, to me, that I can be independent – financially, with work, with my food systems, with my emotions, and finally with my body chemistry. This last one has been a challenge. So this is my blog, so this is my life. I’m just going to … Continue reading