Spring has sprung

Ahh, back to normal here (in so many more ways than one). It’s Sunday. I’m home alone. I just went out and worked in the yard for a while – that felt so good. My yard is finally looking like something that resembles a garden. I just love Spring. Everything is in bloom, the bees start buzzing around and the farmer’s market has strawberries. That’s right, strawberries. I bought my first basket yesterday and I got so excited, I pulled one out of the bag and ate it. I almost melted in the middle of the farmer’s market with pure joy. I have missed that taste and everything it brings along with it. My heart was happy. I should say, my heart is happy.

Side note on happiness, no seizures since moving up to 2oo mg on my meds. This is comforting. The interesting side effect is that I went and had a beer with Danie for her birthday yesterday and couldn’t even finish it. Alcohol had a much more intense effect on me, I felt almost hung over this morning from half a beer! Hey, that makes me a cheap date, eh? I need to figure this out before I plop myself in the land of beer and wine. It’s not a bad thing though, while I would be disappointed if I couldn’t drink all the tasty beer, it’s not life altering or anything. Interesting that I got obsessed with brewing right around now though. Oh, the way life goes.

So what happens around lunch time when one is home alone and hasn’t cooked for days? Refrigerator stare off contest. I think the fridge won, it started beeping at me. I had some leftover cooked chard, some tortillas and cheese and some Greek yogurt, so I squished it all together and made a chard burrito of sorts. I was wondering about this as I wrapped it up, and my goodness it was tasty! Ahh, spring, how I love you.

I went to a free brewing workshop on yeast yesterday and it was awesome. It was one of the most informative free classes I’ve ever taken. Thanks Seven Bridges, you guys rock! Even if I can’t tolerate as much beer, I will continue to brew and enjoy the process. I love that it’s grown-up science!

I’m excited to go back to work tomorrow. I have SO much to do, and it will feel good to get in there and do it. I miss everyone. So what I need to do now is be productive, clean my house then go out and enjoy the sunshine (maybe the other way around). It feels good to be energetic and happy. It just feels good šŸ™‚



One thought on “Spring has sprung

  1. Steph, although I don’t see you often, you’ve been in my thoughts this past week. I’m so happy to hear things are looking up for you again! You sound so much better than just one short week ago. I’m glad you can get back to the things you enjoy.

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