How I try to find the words

So what does being “self sufficient” really mean? It means, to me, that I can be independent – financially, with work, with my food systems, with my emotions, and finally with my body chemistry. This last one has been a challenge. So this is my blog, so this is my life. I’m just going to … Continue reading


So…. I don’t like using recipes. Or for whatever reason I usually look at a few and say “screw that, I’m going to do it my own way.” Is it my form of rebellion? Possibly. Or maybe just culinary laziness. But I tend to look at a bunch of recipes, more for inspiration than anything, … Continue reading

All Grain Brewing

So as of 10 minutes ago, I have made 4 all grain batches: “Weekday Wheat” “The brown ale that I put in a keg” “Chamomile Saison” and “2-Row Cascade SMaSH”. Pretty much all of these I have spearheaded and loved every minute of. I just finished the SMaSH, which is a Single Malt and Single … Continue reading

Beer grains

(sporadic topic blog post, nothing really solid…) It’s a beautiful day here in Santa Cruz. I really should be out in my garden. But I feel hesitant to plant anything for fear that bad puppy might go dig it up. Our yard is now a barricade. There are ugly wire fences all over the place … Continue reading


I am tired. I am sore. I am exhausted. I am drained. Today was long and difficult. I hurt my back again, and hopefully with enough stretching and heating, I can work it out by tomorrow. There aren’t enough bodies to do what needs to be done right now – mine can’t be broken. My … Continue reading

My journey to liking kale

I hate kale. I think it’s gross. It’s bitter, tough and depending on how I’ve eaten it, it’s slimy. That’s the 5 year old in me being resistant to healthy things. We all hate brussels sprouts, right? So let me tell you a story that began this journey. I was at a friend’s house and … Continue reading

102 jars of goodness

So last weekend I did an inventory of all the jars of stuff that I have. Thank goodness Christmas is around the corner, all my work can finally be enjoyed by my loved ones as lovely little gifts. My mom once told me that this was an addiction. I didn’t believe her. I still wouldn’t … Continue reading

Boozin and Infusin

That is pretty much what transpired yesterday. Plus some pear butter. But before I start, I have to say, holy rainy stormy day batman! This is going to be one heck of a day and all I want to do is get a cup of tea and cozy up to a fire. The dogs really … Continue reading

While Pumpkin Ice Cream Freezes…

So at the moment, I have a batch of pumpkin ice cream freezing/churning in our ice cream maker. My brilliant husband came up with the idea after I inadvertently made “pumpkin pudding” – in other words, I made a pumpkin pie and there was way too much filling, so I stuck the rest in the … Continue reading